Meet Alicia

Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner
Results System™ Licensed Practitioner
Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator

With over 30 years of leadership experience in corporate, engineering, insurance, healthcare and non-profit settings, Alicia brings a unique Core Energy™ coaching approach to individuals, executives and teams who are looking to achieve exceptional results.  She specializes in helping her clients develop deep self-awareness, clarify their most important aspirations and implement an action plan which supports them in realizing their true potential.

Alicia’s clients include leaders who want to improve team performance and engagement as well as employee retention; staff who want to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout; service providers who are looking to elevate the quality of client care; and individuals who want to create a more balanced lifestyle.

Alicia has taught and coached thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders and teams the skills of self-mastery, emotional intelligence, whole brain thinking, stress management, mindfulness and holistic health.  Her clients and session participants describe Alicia as an immutable positive force whose presence is uplifting and dynamic.  Alicia has the ability to simplify what feels complicated and break it down into manageable steps.

Alicia is a founding partner of the Cambridge, MA based coaching firm innerOvation where she and her colleagues specialize in executive, leadership, team, wellbeing, career and small business coaching.

Alicia holds certifications as a Core Energy™ Coach and Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner through the top-ranked Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She is also nationally accredited as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). In addition, she is a Licensed Practitioner in the Results System™, a Connecticut Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator, an internationally recognized voice through her Sound Bytes for Serenity™ CD series, and a contributing author to Strategies for Success: Your Operation Manual for Excellence.

For relaxation, Alicia loves playing ball with her 55 pound “hunk-of-love” labradoodle Casey.  She also enjoys any beach time she can get, dancing with joy, watching sappy movies, quietly meditating, and spending heart-centered time with friends and family.



Alicia Davis




I had in the past tried other forms of coaching (personal training/nutrition counseling/career counseling) with temporary success but wondered if Alicia’s different approach could help me achieve more permanent results. Because of Alicia’s caring, sensitivity, sincerity and ability to deeply listen, she helped me gently realize the root of my issues. Even if I wasn’t sure what I wanted to discuss at my session, or didn’t quite feel up for ‘exploring’, I always left a session feeling excited and empowered. I feel vested in the strategies I have learned and feel I can recognize when I need to call upon them. Alicia is 100% focused on helping you succeed.

Roseanne H.

Senior Information Systems Specialist, United Healthcare

I am so very thankful for the coaching I received from Alicia.  I utilized her coaching at a time when I was inspired to take major action in my life and implement major change. My weekly sessions helped me stay grounded and focused through this process.  I often felt overwhelmed, thrown off-course or filled with self-doubt.  Alicia helped me see my own power and creativity and guided me to my OWN answers and solutions to the potential stumbling blocks I was experiencing.  This was a very empowering process where I felt totally heard, listened to and respected on a deep level.  I now have a greater understanding of myself and my own inner wisdom.  

Jen Hogan

Owner, Heart of Healing Massage

During our coaching sessions Alicia provided a safe, non-judgmental space where she helped me become clear about what I wanted.  She helped me sort through the self-talk that was getting in my way and identify outer obstacles while offering suggestions, guidance and support to work towards obtaining my goals for a happier, peaceful life.  As a result of Alicia’s coaching, I once again honor my beliefs, my needs, my worth and myself.  I also have a new business plan and am moving forwards towards my financial goals.  Alicia made a huge difference in the way I view myself, others and life. 

Jane Petrin

In Touch Massage

Alicia was hired to help our executive level staff come together and identify new goals, and objectives for working together in a cohesive, value driven manner. Alicia has a great reputation in the field and after our initial phone call with Alicia, we were sure we had someone with the right skills and framework to begin helping us change and grow. In the team coaching process, we learned about our stress reaction levels, and how our energy affects our relationships with our colleagues and staff. In beginning to understand the importance of the energy we bring to every interaction, we became better prepared to infuse positive energy into our staff culture. As an executive-level team, we were able to let go of many of the plaguing issues of the past and focus on what we wanted to put forth into the agency for the future. We came together around these values and began to rebuild relationships with one another. Our team began to demonstrate strengths-based and relational practices with one another, modeling this for the entire agency. If you need help in changing staff culture, Alicia can be of great assistance. Her style is open, non-judgmental, and focused on solutions.

Kim Selvaggi

Executive Director, Lisa, Inc.

Our senior management team’s ability to productively focus on defining and implementing the agency’s strategic direction was being impacted by personal differences of opinion and perspective. Having Alicia take our team through the Results Accelerator for Teams™ helped us achieve a higher level of self-awareness and comfort level in acknowledging and accepting personal vulnerabilities and opportunities for growth. Overall, individual growth has contributed to a more authentic level of teamwork and ability to contribute at a strategic level. One of Alicia’s greatest strengths is her ability to relate to a variety of individuals in a manner that leaves one feeling “safe” to explore and look inward. She makes sure to highlight and acknowledge the positive attributes while guiding attention to development areas. Alicia’s calm, respectful and focused approach keeps the conversation going while allowing for individuality.

Marie MacLean

HR Director, Community Partners in Action