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Sorry, but I just had to write this!

At a recent meeting sitting next to me was a Director level woman. She had some great insight and ideas. As the meeting ensued, I began to notice that every time this leader of women spoke, she said "sorry" first. Having known the challenge of finding that moment to...

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Balance Shmalance!

What is this thing they call "balance"? Seems like everyone is seeking it. Everybody wants to find it. Personally, I think we need to change the definition of balance. Recently I was asked how do I stay so balanced. I laughed because instead of thinking of balance in...

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How to Land a Great Job WITHOUT a Resume!

Actually, the title of this post should be: “Resumes are one of the worst possible ways to find a job.” I do a lot of work in assisting people to advance their careers. And sometimes that means helping them find new jobs. I want to dispel a horrible misconception...

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