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Coaching for Effective Leadership

“The act of deeply thinking through problems, energizing people, and aligning them toward a common goal is the only way to practice and develop real leadership ability.”
Jeffrey K. Liker, The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership: Achieving and Sustaining Excellence Through Leadership Development

Are your leaders or executives faced with any of these common leadership challenges?


Needing to lead with more confidence, especially in the face of change or ambiguity


Not recognizing the impact of their approach on their teams or colleagues


Expected to spend more time coaching direct reports but don’t have the skills


Meeting goals and metrics, but having trouble with relationship building


Very competent at inspiring their team but challenged with meeting their numbers


Recent promotion to C-Suite but lacking “executive presence”


Dealing with a culture of high stress, low energy or low morale

The unique innerOvation leadership coaching and performance programs support leaders in aligning their internal values with external business goals and performance expectations to create high value results and personal satisfaction.

The proprietary systems we use are Inside-Outside-Value™, Energy Leadership™ and the Results System™ which are tailored to meet the particular leadership needs of our clients.

The innerOvation keys to effective leadership:


Awareness of Self


Clear Communication


Effective Energy & Time Management


Engaged Problem Solving


Connected Relationships


Focus on Wellbeing

Our range of engagement with leaders varies depending on impact most desired.

Are you leading by choice, or by default?  We can help you with either!

Engaged Mindful Leadership™ Program

“Leaders who are mindful tend to be more effective in understanding and relating to others, and in motivating them toward shared goals.  Hence, they become more effective in leadership roles.”
~ William George, Harvard Business School Professor and former Medtronic Chairman & CEO

innerOvation is the pioneer of Engaged Mindful Leadership™ (EML) – a program which harnesses the powerful practices of mindfulness to create innovation and boost overall performance for leaders at all levels.

Engaged Mindful Leadership helps leaders to:


Develop more presence and ability to stay focused on what’s most important.


Tap into deep creativity and innovative thinking.


Become talent multipliers by learning to deeply listen, ask more empowering questions and engage their team members in ways that promote genius thinking.


Increase their personal productivity, their team’s performance and ultimately the corporate bottom line.

Foundational mindfulness programs focus on stress reduction and improving overall wellbeing, while enhanced mindfulness programs promote both self-awareness and emotional intelligence. EML is the next wave of mindfulness programs in organizations that impact executive presence, talent multiplication and team performance.

Are you exploring what mindfulness programs might be right for your organization?

Download our White Paper on Corporate Mindfulness Programs.


innerOvation was hired to help our executive level staff come together and identify new goals, and objectives for working together in a cohesive, value driven manner.  As an executive-level team, we were able to let go of many of the plaguing issues of the past and focus on what we wanted to put forth into the agency for the future. We came together around these values and began to rebuild relationships with one another. Our team began to demonstrate strengths-based and relational practices with one another, modeling this for the entire agency.

Kim Selvaggi

Executive Director, LISA Inc.

I reached out to James because I valued his expertise in meditation and I wanted to shift my priorities to live a life with more balance. I haven’t felt at peace or centered in quite a while because of the demands surrounding my world. James gave me the tools and techniques to reduce stress, be more mindful of my true-self, and focus on what’s really important to me.  With the help of James, I’ve been able to enhance the overall quality of my life which is an incredible feeling. I would highly recommend James for the value he has brought to my life.

Nancy Capistran

Principal, Shift Coaching & Consulting

Our agency senior management was not practicing solid “team skills” effectively and after consulting with innerOvation, they demonstrated a clear understanding of the challenges and gaps the leadership team was facing, and then proposed a comprehensive, results-based strategy for working with the group. Each staff spoke of the benefit they received from both the team Results Accelerator™ coaching process, as well as the individual coaching they received.  They felt it was a very valuable experience as part of their professional growth.   The team has demonstrated more effective problem solving skills, improved communication and trust in the process.

Maureen Price-Boreland

Executive Director, Community Partners in Action

I started attending meditation sessions by James and quickly found a significant change in my outlook and productivity. Since I was new to meditation, his guidance helped me to establish a practice that has worked for me ever since. I would strongly recommend attending any session he leads.

Matt G.