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What is Wellbeing? It is Different from Everyone.

There’s actually a holistic formula that can be followed which allows individuals and teams
to maximize energy and transform stressors to create a
dynamic balance in work and life.


Ability to be in alignment with your deepest and highest self and having an understanding of your beliefs, purpose, passion, values and what’s most meaningful in your life.


Capacity to maintain focused attention, have creative vision and engage in positive self-talkmet.


Self-awareness and ability to manage the energy of feelings in ways that are appropriate for a given situation


Consideration of all aspects of your body including nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep and self-care.


Understanding and meeting your needs for connection with others both personally and professionally.


Taking into consideration the impact of your surroundings from the perspective of all your senses.


When all these aspects of wellbeing are understood, assessed and clarified – the impacts for either an individual or a team can be significant:


Stress is reduced and energy is increased allowing people to perform at their best.


People feel more in harmony with themselves and others leading to more self-confidence, clearer communication and more kindness and empathy.


Healthy habits are easier to maintain for the long-term.


Feelings of ease, happiness, satisfaction and peace are experienced regularly.

Just like an Olympic athlete, when someone wants to create ongoing high performance there are 10 disciplines that when repeatedly followed, can make the difference between doing well once or creating mastery for a lifetime.

10 Core Disciplines






Conscious Choice


Trusting the Process










Presence in the Moment

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For Individuals

Wellbeing for Life™

For Teams

One of our signature programs for team wellbeing within healthcare is Care for the Caregiver™.

Care for the Caregiver™

Is your healthcare team struggling with high stress, burnout or compassion fatigue?  Care for the Caregiver™ is the perfect program for clinical teams (e.g. social workers, hospice nurses, aides, case managers) who need a “breath of fresh air” as well as specific strategies to renew their energy so they can bring more empathy and mindful attention to their patient care activities.  Participants design a personalized wellbeing plan incorporating mindfulness practices and self-care tools to support them in creating an ongoing balance of staff and patient needs, as well as feeling a renewed sense of energy and hope and team purpose.


I rediscovered and affirmed my true beliefs and learned how to solve problems in alternative ways. I have established a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life by valuing myself and being honest with my true feelings.

Jackie Hamilton

Bank Manager

Since bringing Alicia into our interdisciplinary team and working with the staff, we have seen a significant improvement in staff morale, feelings of rejuvenation and employees feeling valued and understood.

Cynthia Roy

CEO/President, Regional Hospice and Home Care

Alicia brings a feeling of calm to our stressful world of work. She validated team members’ feelings and reminded staff of what is important, to take care of ourselves. She is energetic, enthusiastic and very compassionate.

Kim Beauregard

President/CEO, InterCommunity Mental Health Group

Our unit was experiencing compassion fatigue and we needed to find a way to help them identify and develop strategies to reduce the impact. We sought Alicia’s expertise from innerOvation for our staff after attending a training she co-facilitated.  We knew her energy was exactly what our unit needed. Alicia’s presence is uplifting and dynamic and her positivity is contagious.  She is an immutable positive force. Alicia has the ability to simplify what feels complicated and can break it down into manageable steps. She taught us how to tap into our inner calm and to also shift from negative to positive energy. There isn’t a better coach to be found.”

Unit Supervisor & Social Worker, Veteran's Administration

I have worked with Alicia at innerOvation for many years, and have seen her in action working with small groups, conference training workshops, and giving a keynote for hundreds of our members at our annual conference.  She has so much to offer, whether for a group of 5 stressed nursing home workers in their staff break room, 50 folks trying to relax at a conference workshop, or hundreds of people up and moving, dancing and high-fiving, at the end of an all-day conference.  Alicia has a peaceful and wise way about her.

Steve Bender

Executive Director, 1199 New England Health Care Employees Union