Today is a beautiful day in the Northeast – sunny and mid-50s with a light breeze. I hear birds singing and smell the earthiness as the ground softens with the melting of the final snow. I was walking around today with a light jacket unzipped and driving with the sunroof open … I am feeling light, happy and very energetic with a little extra pep in my step.

Our environment has a huge affect on us. In Chinese Medicine, healthy living is based on understanding and living in accordance with the energy of the seasons. Spring is associated with birth, new growth and creativity. In sports, we all know what spring training means … athletes coming together to raise their level of performance through coaching, motivation, hard work and just plain grit. I recently watched the epic game of the UCONN Women’s Basketball team recently winning their 100th straight game (and they’ve already surpassed that record!) – and anyone who knows Coach Geno Auriemma knows he loves his team and pushes them to play better than they ever thought possible.

So I have some questions for you today … What energizes you?  What do you want to birth or create this season? What gets your juices flowing? What is holding you back from being a star athlete in your life? I see my job as a life and leadership coach to be much like Geno … love my clients unconditionally and support them in digging deep and realizing their true potential.

I had a client today who has been preparing for teaching and offering divine guidance as a facilitator at a retreat in Tanzania. She is fulfilling a life goal … and for the last few months I’ve had the honor of coaching her to really hone in on her strengths and transform any negative mental judgment into kindness and self-compassion.  She’s ready and getting on the plane on Sunday. She’s going to show up and be amazing!

Do you need some help in getting ready for what’s next in your life? Want to show up more fully? Please leave a comment below and let me know what’s up as I would love to support you in any way I can!

Happy Spring!