Are you easily distracted? Here’s a simple time management tool to be sure you’re focussed on what YOU want, and not what THEY want!

So the first thing I do in the morning is turn off the alarm on my phone. Then I start checking text messages. My buddy John, an early riser, warns to bundle up, as its frigid outside. Yikes! I think. Next I’m on and reading about cyber Monday sales and the latest on the Syrian refugee crisis.

Suddenly I’m awake and alive in the world. And I’m on everyone else’s agenda!

What about my agenda? What about my plan to start writing every morning? To post a blog item? To put the messages into the world that I believe are important? My messages of self-improvement? Of bettering oneself? Of focussing on what one can do in one’s life in a 24-hour period — like be kind to another person, help someone engage their higher self, assist someone in seeing better what they offer the world, and, in turn, helping them feel more satisfied and happy in life.

This is the work I do as a career and entrepreneurial coach and consultant. This is work that I actually do. I can’t hope to make a dent in Middle Eastern politics today. But I can help someone lift their self-image and confidence at least just a little. This is what I want to focus on first thing in the morning.

Instead, what am I doing? I’m reading about Donald Trump and Bill Clinton speaking at dueling presidential campaign rallies a few miles away from each other. Sigh.

What is it that is on your agenda for today, for your life? What is it that is important to you to be engaged in?

How do you keep yourself focussed on what is meaningful to you?

How do you use the precious first minutes of every morning to set your course through the rest of the day?

This is your agenda. Your day.

As the poet laureate Mary Oliver says, “your one wild and precious life.” What is it you plan to do with it?